Why Use an LED Bathroom Mirror?

If you want to brighten up your bathroom and add style, you can choose an LED bathroom mirror. An LED mirror, though costlier than other bathroom mirrors, looks elegant. With a number of designs and varieties available, an LED mirror can add luxury and comfort to your bathroom.

Features of LED Bathroom Mirror:

An LED bathroom mirror has an LED life of about 10,0000 hours. It uses Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology and hence, it does not generate heat. About 30 or more LEDs can be present in the mirror. The mirror is supposed to be hung on the shower wall.

The brightness of mirror can be adjusted. These mirror also have a feature of remembering the last set brightness. The LED mirrors are also provided with a ON/OFF switch. During the day, the mirror automatically dims, and during the night time, the mirror brightens up. The LED bathroom mirror produces bright yet subtle light, giving an elegant and luxurious look. Some mirrors have demister glass which keeps the mirror steam free.

An LED mirror adds brightness, space and comfort in your shower. Shaving, brushing your hair and several other activities can be done with ease. Once LED mirrors were limited to luxurious hotels and yachts, now they are increasingly growing in popularity for home use.

An LED bathroom mirror consumes low energy and also lasts for long. So, if you would like to add luxury and comfort to your bathroom, do get yourself a LED mirror.

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