What is a Hydronic Towel Warmer?

Towel warmers not only keep the towels dry, but they help in controlling the humidity in the shower. Among the towel warmers, a hydronic towel warmer is a effective and safe option. The hydronic warmer is connected to the home’s water heater. The hot water running through the rails keeps the towel warm and dry.

What is a Hydronic Towel Warmer?

A hydronic towel warmer heats up through the circulation of hot water through the rails. The towels placed over the rails get heated up within a short period of time.

The hydronic warmer is connected to the home’s water heating system. The pump which is installed help in circulating the hot water through the rails. Although it is effective in the long-run, installing a hydronic towel warmer may take time. It should be taken up only by a professional plumber.


A hydronic towel warmer does not need electricity, as hot water is used for heating the rails. The heating of the towel can take place within few minutes. Also, unlike electric warmers, the hydronic warmers can be placed in moist and humid environment.

After having a warm bath, its always nice to wrap around a warm towel rather than an cold one. A towel warmer makes this possible by warming up the towel as you have the shower. The warmers also control the moisture and humidity in the shower.

Some of the modern hydronic warmers are also enabled with thermostat to control the heat. So, if you would like to add luxury and comfort to your bathing experience, do get a hydronic towel warmer.

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