What is a Shower Transfer Bench?

If you feel that your loved ones have difficulty getting in and out of shower, then a shower transfer bench would be a great addition to your shower. A shower transfer bench enables the user to slide in and out of the shower, without the need to lift the leg to get into the shower. The elderly and those having mobility problems – can all benefit from a transfer bench.

What is a Shower Transfer Bench?

A shower transfer bench is a water-proof bench which is long enough so that the person can slide over it while sitting. While one side of the bench is placed outside the tub, the other side is placed inside. So, a person can sit on the bench placed outside and slide onto the tub, to have a comfortable shower.


A shower transfer bench greatly reduces the risk of falls. The user would feel more in control as he/she would be sitting comfortably while having a shower. Those with knee pains, mobility problems can have a shower without the risk of agravating the pain.

Installing a shower transfer bench would be as simple as placing one portion of the bench inside the tub and the other portion outside. By sliding over the bench, the user can shift his/her position into the bathtub. Permanent shower benches may require fixing the bench to the shower wall.

A transfer bench is a great addition if you feel that your shower has a risk of accidents or falls. It is easy to use and install, and can greatly reduce the risk of falls.

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