What is a Free Standing Towel Rack?

A free standing towel rack is a useful accessory which is used to place and dry the towels in the shower. Thereby, the you can keep your towels dry, warm and odor free. These racks are stylish and sleek, giving your shower a good look, and also increasing your bathing comfort.

Why a Free Standing Towel Rack?

As the shower is a wet and humid place, towels do not dry easily. Moreover, when they stay wet, they give a bad odor. Mold/mildew growth is can also occur due to the moist environment. To keep these problems at bay, you can choose a towel rack. A towel rack helps you to place your towels in a proper place. It also helps in drying the towels.

Nowadays, free standing racks are also enabled with a warming facility. They consume low power and keep the towels warm and dry. After a warm shower, it would be a nice experience to wrap around a warm towel – and a towel warmer can make this possible.

Free standing towel racks come in various designs, colors and look stylish. They are also sleek and do not take much of the shower space. Unlike wall mounted towel racks, they do not need installation and are easy to use. Towel warmer racks would need an electric supply.

So, if you are bothered by wet towels, crumpled towels, and are wondering where to keep your towels – its time to get a free standing towel rack.

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