What is a Corner Entry Shower?

Like to save space in your bathroom? Then choose corner entry shower. These showers are designed to take up space in the corner of the bathroom, and they provide a lot of extra room. Sliding doors are also provided, which make it easy for you to get in and out of the shower.


Two doors of the shower are placed against the wall, and the other two doors are open to the room. Two sliding doors present on each corner of the shower cubicle. They slide smoothly and they allow you to enter in and out easily without any trouble.

The corner showers are designed to be installed against finished walls. They come in various sizes and designs.


Corner entry showers offer several advantages. As they are present in the corner, they maximize the floor space. The sliding doors also save space, as they slide against each other. Apart form saving floor space, they also give a elegant look to the shower. You can even have the freedom to install two corner shower cubicles in your bathroom.

These showers are made of tempered safety glass for more durability. Clear and frosted glass are the common variants in these showers.

Corner entry showers are space saving, good looking and can add comfort to your showering experience. You can place towel rails just beside the shower cubicle for additional comfort. So, if you have limited space or if you would like to maximize your bathroom space, go for corner entry showers.

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