What is a Circular Shower Rail?

A circular shower rail can create a warm and cosy environment in your shower. It can give your shower an elegant and attractive look. The circular rail can be installed onto the celing or the wall. A shower curtain is then placed on the rail using hooks. Overall, it can create a comfortable showering area in short time.

Features of a Circular Shower Rail:
A circular rail, as the name indicates, is of circular shape. The rail can be wall-mounted or ceilng mounted. A wall-mounted rail is freestanding where one corner of the rail is fixed to the wall. Over the rail, a curtain is fixed using hooks. These curtains can be made of stainless steel, plastic and come with nickel or chrome finish. For installing a curtain, you may need two curtains if you would like to cover the entire rod circumference.

Uses of Circular Rail:

Easy to install
Keeps the surrounding area from getting wet
Saves the shower space
Gives an elegant look

The circular shower rail helps you to limit the showering area, and thus saves space. The curtain keeps the surrouding are from getting wet. Hence, the rail gives the look of a shower cubicle, and is a good option if you would like to have a showering enclosure.

While buying a circular rail, make sure you take the one with the right circumference. The right circumference rod would give the user adequate space to take a shower. Also, the material should be rust free.

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