What is an Adjustable Arm Shower Head?

Ever wanted to adjust the shower head according to your height? If the answer is yes, you can get an adjustable arm shower head. An adjustable shower head can extend as well as lower the shower. As a result, you can get a comfortable shower, without ducking in or going farther out in the shower.

What is an Adjustable Arm Shower Head?

An adjustable shower head has an arm which can be raised or lowered. If a person is taller, he/she can raise the shower head. In the same way, it can be lowered. Kids find this especially useful as they can have a comfortable shower appropriate to their height.

Uses of an Adjustable Arm Shower:

To get the shower flow in the right direction, we tend to move in or farther out in the shower cubicle. Using an adjustable shower, you the shower flow of proper height. Here are the uses of this shower:

  • The shower arm can be adjusted according to the person’s height
  • It helps you to get the shower flow in the right direction
  • Useful for kids and the elderly

The shower arm, which moves up and down, is the major component of this shower. The flexible arm can help you to fix the shower head height. Some manufacturers also have stand alone adjustable shower arms which can be fitted onto your existing showers.

A adjustable shower is extremely helpful if your family members are of different height. Each of them can adjust the required height and have a comfortable shower.

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