What is a Kids Shower Head?

Kids often face difficulty while having a shower due to the height of the showerhead. Due to the elevation, the shower flow might not be at a comfortable level. A kids shower head solves this problem. It has several features, but most importantly, its height is adjustable to the height of the child. This will make showering a comfortable experience for your child.

Features of the Kids Shower Head:

A kids shower head may contain one or more of the following features:

  • The height should be adjustable
  • The water flow should not be too hard
  • Temperature control option should be present

Types of Kids Shower Head:

  • Hand held unit with Adjustable Side Bar:

    A bar is present onto which the shower head is installed. The shower head can be moved up and down to adjust the height. Sliding up increases the elevation and sliding down decreases it. By lowering the height, kids can have a comfortable shower.

  • Adjustable arm shower head:

    The arm of the shower head can be lowered or elevated, which changes the height of the shower head. For kids, the shower head can be lowered to adjust to their height

  • Suction shower head:

    A connector is to be installed to the shower pipe. The connector leads to a shower head with a suction cup. The suction cups can be used to fix the shower head to the required height.

By installing a kids shower head, your children would love to take a shower. It keeps the shower flow at a proper level, which will keep your kids happy and clean.

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