What is a 12 Inch Shower Head?

A 12 inch shower head is a wide shower head which can give the effect of a rainfall. The shower flow is gentle and emulates the rainfall. This shower head is also known as the rain shower head. This kind of shower head is recommended if you want a gentle, relaxing and a luxurious shower.

Features of a 12 inch Shower Head

The 12” shower head is of large diameter when compared to other shower heads. It has numerous openings on its surface for the flow of water. As a result, when the shower is switched on, numerous jets of water are released from the shower head. Following are the advantages of a 12” shower head:

  • Allows water to fall gently
  • Emulates the effect of rainfall
  • Has numerous water jets, which gives you a relaxing effect

Normal shower heads may blast water at high pressure, which may dry up your scalp. In contrast, a rain shower head releases water in a gentle manner. Many of these shower heads also have pressure adjustment facility, where the pressure can be increased or decreased according to the requirement.

The 12 inch shower head can be fitted onto a normal shower.Brass, porcelain, glass and other materials are used for the manufacture of this shower head. One downside of the 12 inch shower head is that it may consume a lot of water. Since, the shower head is of larger diameter, the water flow is high.

The 12 inch shower head is a good option if you would like to have a relaxing shower. Installng it can help you to have a comfortable and relaxing showering experience day after day.

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