Tub Liner: Transform your Bathtub

Is your tub looking old and worn out? Does it have cracks and rough edges? If your answer is yes, its time to get yourself a tub liner. A tub liner is made of PVC or acrylic and is used to cover the existing bathtub. When properly installed, it can give your bathtub a new look and a smooth finish.

Why Use a Tub Liner?

A tub liner helps you to keep your existing bathtub. Cracks, rough edges, rough areas and other problems are covered up with the help of the liner. The liner covers the bathtub completely, giving it a new look. The various colors of the liner can make your bathtub attractive . A liner has several advantages:

  • Economical
  • Covers the cracks, rough areas and other problems
  • Gives your bathtub a new look

Installation of a Tub Liner:

Installation should be done by a professional. The liner can be made of acrylic or PVC. A glue is used to fix the liner to the tub.

Proper installation is important, as gaps or spaces can lead to water leakage into the area between the liner and tub. This can in turn result in mold growth and other complications. While buying the liner, one should buy it according to the bath tub area.

Some disadvantages of tub liner is that it is not a permanent solutions. Improper installation can result in problems. However, it is a good option as it can reform your bathtub in a short time.

If you are worried about your old bathtub, a liner is a best option. Install it to transform your bathtub and your shower.

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