Bathroom Shower Tray – Uses, Types

A bathroom shower tray sits at the bottom of the shower cubicle and gives it a smooth finish. It aids in the drainage of water. Initially, slimmer shower trays were common. However, nowadays, thicker ones with lighter weight and higher strength are used. Various designs are also available which give a lot of choice when choosing a shower tray.

Why Choose a Bathroom Shower Tray?

A shower tray is water-proof and protects the surface of the cubicle. With high-power showers now becoming common, the shower floor can be subjected to cracks and damage. A shower tray protects the floor from these effects. Moreover, the shower tray is constructed in such a way that water drainage is easier. The depth present in the shower tray keeps the water flow easy.

The shower trays have a lip which prevents the water from spilling outside. Water spilling outside can lead to moisture and mold growth. However, by choosing a shower tray you can prevent the water spillage.

Types of Shower Trays:

According to the shape of your shower floor, various bathroom shower trays are available.Square, rectangle, quadrant, walk in, offset quadrant are some of the shoer types.

Shower trays can be made of different materials. Acrylic, marble, stone resin, porcelain, steel are some of the materials used. The dimensions of the shower tray would depend on the dimensions of the shower cubicle.

A shower tray can add comfort and beauty to your shower enclosure. Make sure you get it installed by a professional plumber.

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