What is a Frameless Shower Enclosure?

A frameless shower enclosure is made of thick glass doors, which are frameless. Since the doors are thick and strong, they do not require a frame. The handles and hinges are mounted onto the glass. The frameless glass doors are made of tempered glass which is thick, strong and long lasting. Overall, the frameless shower can give an elegant look to your bathroom and would give comfort for the years to come.

Features of Frameless Shower Enclosure:

The frameless enclosure, as the name indicates, does not have a frame. Its made only of glass which is thicker and heavier. Since the glass is thick, the doors do not require a frame. The hinges and handles are mounted onto the thick glass. The shower enclosure looks like a glass cubicle giving it a beautiful look.

Advantages of Frameless Enclosure:

Here are some of the benefits of using frameless glass doors:

  • Easy to clean. Since the door is frameless, it has no crevices; the bacteria and the dirt do not accumulate
  • Strong and durable. The tempered thick glass is long-lasting. It does not shatter; in case of any blow to the glass, only cracks are formed, thus reducing chances of injury
  • Gives an elegant look to the bathroom

If you are thinking of installing a new shower enclosure or remodelling your bathroom, a frameless shower enclosure would be the best. Although a bit expensive, it is more durable than the other enclosures. It will add beauty and comfort to your bathroom for the years to come.

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