What is a Low Flow Showerhead?

Most of us are unaware of the amount of water which gets wasted on a daily basis. High pressure showers can take up gallons of water. By making a small change, we can cut down our water usage up to 50% or more. Installing a low flow shower head would make you save water bills, and help you to make effective use of water.

How Does a Low Flow Showerhead Work?

Initially, the low flow showerheads used to cut down the supply of water. However, this was not a good option as it made showering uncomfortable. Nowadays, the low flow showerhead work by mixing air and water. They produce a high pressure shower flow, without taking up much water.

These low flow heads are also known as aerated showerheads. They contain orifices which control the droplet size. They mix water and air to the right extent, in such a way that an aerated stream of water is produced. So, you can have a comfortable shower, without compromising on the comfort. However, these showerheads can lead to scalding. Hence, a thermostatic valve can be used to control the temperature.

Installing a low flow head can be as simple as removing your old showerhead and fixing the new one. The cost is not expensive, with the showerheads ranging from $8. On a long term basis, a low flow showerhead would mean a massive savings in your water bills. You would also be conserving water. So, get this water saving showerhead and start saving water.

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