Cast Iron Bathtub: Tough and Reliable

You might be thinking why buy a cast iron bathtub, which looks primitive? However, nowadays, there are a number of wonderful designs in which these tubs come. Instead of the traditional clawfoot models, the modern designs of these bathtubs make them a good buy. In addition to this, they are highly durable, do not form cracks or scratches easily.

Advantages of Using Cast Iron Bathtub:

  • Extremely durable
  • Do not form scratches, dents or cracks easily
  • Have good heat retention
  • Available in various colors, shapes and sizes

Heat retention is a highly useful quality of a cast iron bathtub. When you fill in warm water, you can be sure that the water would stay warm for longer periods of time. This would definitely add comfort and can save electricity bills. Moreover, these tubs are highly durable. Many manufacturers give warranty for the tub as long as you own it.


Cast iron tubs are very heavy, weighing around 300 pounds. Hence, installing them in the ground floor is recommended. However, if you want to install them at higher storeys, please make an enquiry if your building structure would be able to hold it. Installation and plumbing work of this tub can also take up a lot of time.

Nowadays, instead of the old clawfoot design, cast iron bathtubs come in various styles, designs and dimensions. So, you can choose modern designs for your bathroom. In addition, the iron bathtubs are also coated with acrylic or porcelain to give them a smooth finish.

Some of the designs of cast iron bathtubs can give an antique look to your bathroom. They are durable, tough and would be a reliable choice for you bathroom.

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