Why Use a Ceramic Soap Dish?

A soap dish helps to keep your soap dry and well within your reach. Among the various soap dishes, a ceramic one is not only strong, but also durable. Its smooth finish can add elegance to your shower. It blends closely with the wall and gives a clean finish. Although its installation can take some of your time, it can add style and elegance to your bathroom.

Features of a Ceramic Soap Dish:

The ceramic dish comes with 3 or more drain holes at its bottom, which helps to keep your soap dry. This makes your soap last for longer period of time. The ceramic dish comes in various colors such as cream, white, black and others. The best color would be the one which blends with your tile wall. You can also choose a color which complements your shower wall.

Although most of the ceramic dishes are basic soap holders, some of them can also hold shampoo, conditioners and other items. Such dishes can help you to keep your bathroom more organized.

Installing a Ceramic Dish:

For installation, you would have to use a screw driver to drill holes into the tile wall. After this, you can use about half-inch screws to fix the dish. You can then use a joint compound and mortar/water mix to seal the dish against the wall.

Another option for installing the ceramic soap dish would be to use an epoxy after roughening the surfaces of the tile and the soap dish. So, get a ceramic soap dish to add style and comfort to your bathroom.

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