What is a Shower Corner Basket?

Ever have difficulty in reaching soaps, shampoos and other items in your shower? If you are facing this problem, its time you get a shower corner basket. A shower basket holds shampoos, soaps, conditioners, shower gels and other shower necessities. It saves a lot of space and helps you to be organized. Mostly made of metal, these corner baskets can add comfort in your shower for the years to come.

Features of Shower Corner Basket:

A corner basket, as the name indicates, is placed in the corner of the shower enclosure. Most baskets can carry soaps, shampoos and several other shower necessities. They are mostly made of metal, such as stainless steel. Chrome coated baskets are also popular. However, these baskets should be rust proof as there is a significant amount of exposure to the water in the shower.


The corner basket can be temporarily or permanently installed one. Temporarily installed corner baskets have suction cups which hold onto the shower wall. However, sometimes, the suction cups may fail, bringing the basket crashing down. This happens when the excessive weight is exerted on the corner basket.

For permanent installation, you would have to drill holes into the shower wall and fix the basket using screws. This form of installation lasts longer and can hold heavier objects.

The shower corner baskets are generally made of metals such as stainless steel. While buying, make sure the basket is rust-free. The basket should be able to hold the objects properly. Corner baskets help you to be more organized. They keep the things you require within reach. So, get a shower basket and get comfortable.

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