What are Bathroom Glass Vessel Sinks?

Glass vessel sinks are elegant, attractive and can give a new look to your bathroom. Most of the modern day glass sinks look like pieces of art. Many people think that glass sinks are delicate. However, bathroom glass vessel sinks are made of tempered glass – hence they are tough and durable.

Features of Bathroom Glass Vessel Sinks:

Glass vessel sinks in bathroom are mounted on a counter. These sinks are made of tempered glass – which means the glass is heated at high temperature and suddenly cooled down. Hence, these sinks are tough and resistant to cracks or scratches. The bathroom glass vessel sinks can be single layered tempered glass or double layered.

Glass vessel sinks are available in various colors shades and designs. Buying a color shade which reflects the theme of your bathroom can give an attractive look to your bathroom. The glass itself can be frosted, clear or patterned.

The vessel sink, in most cases, is mounted over a counter. However, it can also be drop-in, undermount or wall mounted. The counter mounted sink is most common variety.

After installation of the glass vessel sink, care should be taken not to drop heavy objects over the sink. The sink should not be installed under cabinets where things are more likely to fall. Seeking the services of a professional plumber is recommended.

A glass sink is attractive, durable and gives an elegant look for your bathroom. Before buying a sink, make sure the size is suitable for your bathroom. The glass should also be tempered. This will ensure the durability of the glass.

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