What is a Dual Shower head?

Want to have a new showering experience? You can choose dual shower heads. These have two showerheads, and can give you the experience of showering under a rain showerhead. The heads can be adjusted so that you would be able to have the shower in the direction you choose.

Features of the Dual Shower head:

The dual shower head, as the name implies, has 2 shower heads. They are fixed to the shower pipe similar to a normal shower head. While using this shower, you can choose the flow of water from a single shower or two shower heads. When water flows from both the heads simultaneously, it gives you the experience of a rain shower head.

Most of the dual shower heads are adjustable in height and angle. Hence, taller individuals can have a comfortable shower without ducking in. In same way, shorter individuals can lower the shower to adjust the height. The angles of the head can be shifted to direct the flow of water.

In most models, one showerhead is fixed while the other is an adjustable one. In this way, you get the advantage of both fixed and adjustable shower heads. Water-flow adjustment which is available in some models, can help you to save water.

Dual showerheads are available in chrome, brass, or other metals. Height adjustable ones are comfortable option. As mentioned earlier, kids can have shower at the same time, thereby saving water.

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