Frameless Shower Screen

A shower screen helps in dividing the showering area from the bathroom and it keeps the bathroom dry. If you are thinking of installing a shower screen, a frameless one would be a good option. The frameless shower screen looks elegant and is also easy to clean.

Features of a Frameless Shower Screen:

A frameless screen is usually made of toughened glass. Since, the glass is toughened, it does not need a frame. It does a good job in separating the showering area from the non-showering area. Hence, you can keep your bathroom clean and free from unwanted moisture.

The shower screens can be of 6mm, 8mm or 10 mm thickness. They are fixed to the wall post using metal posts. The metal posts can be made of brass, chrome or other metals. The screen itself has a hinged fixture, which helps the screen to swing in and out.

Benefits of Using a Frameless Shower Screen:

  • Easy to clean
  • Durable
  • Tough
  • Helps in dividing showering area from the non-showering area
  • Gives an attractive look to the bathroom

Glass shower screens come in frosted or plain styles. Screens with various colors are also available. In addition to this, the screen can also be of decorative type.

While buying the frameless screens, make sure they are made of toughened glass. Shower screens with hinges can add comfort to your bathing experience. Since these screens are easy to clean, they can give a neat and attractive look to your bathroom.

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