Why Use an Oak Washstand?

An oak washtand gives a luxurious look to your bathroom. If your bathroom has a wooden theme, an oak stand can blend beautifully and give an antique look. Washstands made of oak are made waterproof using a lacquer. This will keep the oak durable and keep the look intact.

A washstand holds the washbasin and it can be a wooden or stone structure. It covers the pipes and the plumbing. The cabinets present in the washstand are useful to store bathroom necessities. An oak washstand can provide all this and can also give a beautiful look to your bathroom.

Features of an Oak Washstand:

An oak washstand can be affected due to exposure to moisture. Hence, it is treated with lacquer or other oils to keep it waterproof. For durability, the washstand is topped with stone, granite, marble or other materials. The wash basin rests on the counter top which in turn rests on the washstand.

If you are choosing a counter top for your washstand, plumbing might be required for fixing the top to the washstand. Among the counter tops, stone is considered to be durable and reliable.However, oak topped washstandsa are also available.

While buying the washstand, you would also have to choose the number of cabinets you would like to have. Cabinets help in storing your necessities and save space in your bathroom area. An oak stands gives a neat look to your bathroom. It adds extra space and keeps the plumbing discreet. It also gives a natural and majestic look to your bathroom.So, get an oak washstand to give your bath an luxurious look.

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