Square Shower Head: Simple and Elegant

A square shower head is becoming a popular choice for many shower enclosures. For most part, people are bored with the traditional round shower heads. Square heads are new and unique. They are stylish and elegant. Most of these heads are ceiling mounted and they are also of large size.

Features of Square Shower Head:

Most of the square heads are designed to be rainfall shower heads. What are rainfall shower heads? Rainfall shower heads are of larger size and have a number of nozzles. During the shower flow, the overall effect is that of a rainfall – from which this showerhead gets its name.

Square rainfall showerheads are fixed the ceiling. When used, the water flow is similar to that of a water cascading from the ceiling. The square shape gives way for a larger space on the shower head. Some of the ceiling-mouted showerheads can be tilted to a particular angle, to change the shower flow.

Square showrheads are also available in the handheld shower category.

Square shower heads can be made of brass, chrome or nickel. Most of the designs are elegant and extremely modern. They give a minimalistic look the bathroom. They also give a sleek look to your shower enclosure.

Most people choose shower heads because of their unique and modern design. If you want to have a rainfall or waterfall showerhead, go for a square design.

Square design for the shower head can add elegance and style to your bathroom. So, get a square shower head to add a unique look to your bathroom.

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