Features of a Downpour Shower Head

Ever felt like getting drenched in a rainfall. With a downpour shower head installed in your bathroom, you can have this experience day in and day out. What is a downpour showerhead? It is a shower head which has large diameter. It has a number of nozzles or outlets. Hence, during the shower, this showerhead gives the effect of a rainfall or downpour.

Features of a Downpour Shower head:

A downpour shower head is of large diameter, about 4 inches, 6 inches or more. As the diamater is more, it accommodates a number of nozzles or outlets. When water flows from this showerhead, due to the number of nozzles, the water flow is wide and is similar to a rainfall.

Most downpour showerheads are of brass and come with a chrome finishing. The showerhead can be fixed or adjustable. Adjustable shower heads allow the user to vary the height for proper positioning of the waterflow.

Some of these showerheads are also fixed to the ceiling. When fixed to the celing, the waterflow is much similar to a water fall. These shower heads can come in various shapes such as circular, oval, or square shapes. Although circular shaped shower heads are common, square ones are soon catching up as popular and stylish.

Installation of this showerhead is similar to installing a normal showerhead. It can be fixed to your existing shower pipe.

A downpour showerhead helps you to have a luxurious shower. It can make your showering experience exciting and wholesome. So, get this shower head to have a wonderful shower every day.

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