What is a Corner Pedestal Bathroom Sink?

Worried about the extra space that your sink takes up in your bathroom? Get yourself a corner pedestal bathroom sink. The corner pedestal sink fits neatly in the corner and saves a lot of space . The pedestal mount helps in concealing the plumbing and gives your bathroom a neat look.

What is a Corner Pedestal Bathroom Sink?

A corner sink is the one which is installed in the corner. It is fixed against the wall for stability. The pedestal sink has a stand which holds the sink up. The stand not only gives stability, but it also conceals the plumbing and the pipes, to give a neat look to the bathroom. A corner pedestal sink combines both these features – it is placed in the corner and is held up by the stand.

The design of the Corner pedestal sink may be considered a bit old, as nowadays we have freestanding sinks, utility sinks and other varieties. However, this sink is both space saving and a comfortable to use. These sinks come in various shapes and sizes, which can give your bathroom a unique look.

The pedestal sinks come in two varieties – vintage and modern. Vintage sinks are artistially carved and give an antique look to your bathroom. The modern ones give a more sleek and stylish look.

While buying these sinks, you should always keep the space, cost, color and style in mind. The color should complement the bathroom color and the style can be modern or vintage. Based on the amount of space you would like to save, you can choose your corner sink. Whatever the variety, a corner sink can add style and comfort for years to come.

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