What is a Suction Towel Bar?

Are you holding back from fixing a towel bar as you do not want to drill holes in your wall? If so, you can get yourself a suction towel bar. A suction bar fixes onto the flat surface without the need for drilling. It attaches itself to the surface using the suction mechanism.

Features of a Suction towel Bar:

The suction bar has two suction cups. When held against a flat surface, these cups hold onto the wall through their suction mechanism. The bar can be fixed to the shower wall or also to the shower door.

Because of the suction mechanism, the bar does not need any drilling to the wall. You also do not need glue. The installation is simple and easy.

Advantages of Using a Suction Towel Bar:

  • No need to drill holes
  • Can be moved to any position or location
  • Helps you to be organized

Suction towel bar is suitable for those who do not want to drill holes into their neatly painted walls. People living in rented accommodations, who do not the option of installing a normal towel bar, can choose this. Also, if you want to move the bar to other location, you can do it with ease.

The suction bar can be fixed to the wall or to the door. The surface should be flat for proper fixing of the bar. Rugged or uneven surfaces do not hold the suction bar well.

The weight borne by the suction bars varies from model to model. While buying the suction towel bar, make sure that the suction mechanism is strong enough to carry two towels or more, according to your requirement.

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