Bathroom Medicine Cabinets Types

A bathroom medicine cabinet helps you to organize your bathroom necessities such as soap, conditioners, shampoos, and also medicines. The cabinet usually consists of 2 or 3 shelves. The medicine cabinet can be made of wood or metal.It helps in saving space and also keeps your necessities within reach.

Types of Bathroom Medicine Cabinets:

  • Surface mounted cabinets:

    As the name indicates, surface cabinets are mounted on the surface of the walls. The surface cabinets can be installed easily and quickly. These cabinets are recommended if cutting into the wall is expensive or not possible.

  • Recessed cabinets:

    Recessed cabinets are installed inside the bathroom wall. The wall is cut corresponding to the depth of the cabinet and the cabinet is installed. A recessed cabinet saves the space as it lies inside the wall. Also, you do not stand at a risk of hitting your head against the cabinet.

Bathroom medicine cabinets are available in various shapes, sizes, and materials. The shapes can range from round, oval, square or rectangular. The cabinet can be made of wood or metal. While installing the cabinet, its placement should be done properly. The height should be suitable for all the member of a family.

Most bathroom cabinets have a mirror, which gives the appearance of a framed mirror hung onto the wall.

The cabinet should be cleaned regularly. The medicines beyond their expiry date should be disposed. So, get a bathroom medicine cabinet and be organized and keep things within your reach.

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