What is a Neo Angle Shower Door?

A neo angle shower cubicle has a central door connected by two panels. The central door which opens out to the center of the bathroom. The shower door for the neo enclosure can be framed, frameless, clear or frosted. A neo shower enclosure gives an elegant look to the bathroom and also saves space as it is installed in the corner.

Types of Neo Angle Shower Doors:

  • Framed doors come with brass, nickel, or chrome frames
  • Frameless doors are made of tempered glass. As the glass is tough, it does not need any frame
  • Frosted doors offer privacy and beauty to the shower cubicle
  • Clear or transparent doors can also add beauty to your shower enclosure

These doors swing outside. According to the safety standards, the doors should swing outside. A door swinging inside can put the user at a risk.

The neo shower enclosure has a single door, which swings outside. The swinging action is made possible through the hinges which are fixed to the panel. While buying the shower door, make sure you choose a strong hinge which can support the door weight. Some of the doors are enabled with magnetic latches, which help in keeping the door water tight.

The neo shower runs parallel to the corner of the bathroom and it saves a lot of space. It looks both elegant and stylish. Doors with tempered glass are recommended as they are tough and durable. So, choose the shower door which best suits your neo enclosure.

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