How to Install a Bathroom Vanity

Installing a new

bathroom vanity

can definitely change the surface of the entire bathroom. It is a very simple task and a new vanity can be purchased for less than $500.

Remove the Old One

First, you need to turn the water supplies off. Then, you need to disconnect the lines and the pipe. There might be corner screws that fix the top of the vanity on the countertop. You need to remove them as next. If you do it well the countertoop could be removed of the vanity.

After you separate the countertop, you need to remove the faucet if you are planning to reuse it. A new vanity will be provided with faucet configuration such as holes. But, it will be better if you make sure of it.

After all these things are done, you need to unscrew the screws on the sides and back that hold the vanity. Last, you can remove the vanity from bathroom.

Installing the New Bathroom Vanity

Slide the new vanity to the location where the old vanity was placed. You might need to remove or cut away some part of the back of the new vanity in order to make all the supplies and pipe connection. In order to do so, a jig saw will work very well.

Once, you replace the vanity on the right position, you need to square it up to see its level. If there are any imperfections on the wall, you can scribe the vanity or simply use small trim pieces to hide them.

In order to level the new vanity properly, you might need shims to hold it in the exact place. Make sure that the vanity is leveled perfectly, check all the sides and the front. Then, use the screw fastens to secure the vanity.

Once it is correctly secured, you can place the countertop. It is best to place the faucet to the countertop before fixing the top. Once all the supplies and pipes are installed, you can place and secure the countertop.

Make sure that the countertop is secured and it sits square. Once, it is all done, you can connect the supplies and the pipes. Then, turn the water supply and you are ready to use your new vanity.

You do not need to pay dollars for installation of a new

bathroom vanity

since you can do it by yourself easily.

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