Tips to Organize Baby Shower Games: Make it fun

Baby showers are always special and fun for all mom’s-to-be. After all, this occasion is all about sharing experiences and rejoicing in the advent of a new born. However, it is certainly difficult to hold the interest of your guests. Enliven their spirits by offering them a variety of fun activities and games to explore. This will keep them occupied and spellbound for hours to remember.

The occasion also helps you to familiarize yourself with people you are meeting for the first time. So, try breaking the ice with newcomers by sending out invitations as part of a game. For example, ask your guests to come in with photographs of themselves as babies. Ask the rest to guess the mom corresponding to a particular picture. Give out a gift hamper for the one who is able to make the maximum number of guesses.

Another ice breaker could be a game with diapers and pins. Pin a diaper onto the clothes of all your guests who come in. The rule of the game is not to utter the word ‘baby’ and if someone does mention the word, then the pin passes onto the person who first spots the ladies mistake. Reward the person who has the most number of pins.

Fun activities for mother’s-to-be:

  • Baby sketch game:

    Ask the ladies to draw a picture of a baby by keeping the paper on their heads. Provide a plate to make it easy for them. The presiding judge can decide the picture which best resembles a baby and thereby pronounces the winner.

  • The dirty diaper game:

    Attach diapers under the seats of your guests. Ensure that one is smeared with chocolate or sauce. Surprise the lady who has the dirty diapers under her dress and declare her the winner.

  • Guess your baby’s food:

    Fill different jars with baby food and let your guests guess them. The one who makes the maximum correct guesses is the winner.

  • Guess your waist size:

    Pass a ball of yarn to your guests. Ask them to cut a piece from the yarn without measuring their own waists. The one who cuts a piece closest to her own size wins the game.

  • Passing the parcel:

    Wrap a gift with many layers of paper. Play music and ask your guests to keep passing the parcel. When the music stops, the one with the parcel opens a layer and this goes on till, the last lady who opens the parcel and gets the gift inside.

  • The cotton balls game:

    Place two buckets apart, one filled with cotton balls and the other empty. Blindfold the ladies one by one ask them to transfer cottons as many cottons to the other bucket. The one who transfers maximum number of cotton balls is the winner.

Demonstrate your creativity and thoughtfulness by rewarding your guests with little gifts at the end of each game. The idea of having games in a baby shower is to enjoy. Never let the bulge put off your childlike spirits.