Baby Shower Tips

A massage could precede your baby’s shower or bath although it might not be completely necessary. In case social customs necessitate it, do it with plain coconut or olive oil. After applying the oil rub gently in the direction of hair growth, not up and down, as this pushes bacteria into hair follicles causing infections.

The baby bath

Here are some useful tips for your baby’s bath

  • Bathing must be done in lukewarm water.
  • You may use gentle glycerine-based or pH balanced soaps like Pears or Dove Avoid using normal soaps as they are alkaline and tend to damage baby skin
  • If your baby has sensitive skin (skin will tend to get dry and starts looking scaly after using soap), you could use Cetaphil soap free cleanser for the bay’s tender skin
  • After the completion of the bath, apply moisturiser. It should be done in the direction of hair growth, i.e. from the shoulder to the wrist if you applying moisturiser to your child’s arm.
  • There are talcum powder meant for babies which you could use for your baby. Just check the texture on your inner arm and select a brand you feel is the softest.
  • Avoid overdusting your baby as talc accumulates. When it mixes with sweat and urine, it forms a pasty collection in the body folds.