Bathing Chairs

Bathing Chairs is generally used for bathing purposes for people who are incapacitated to move certain parts of their body. The chair gives them the option of taking bath within their homes instead of relocating to some expensive facility for the same.

In the market there are several similar products available such as shower chairs, portable commode chairs, bath chairs, self propelled shower chairs and chairs designed as a portable toilet or commode.

Characteristics of bathing chairs

  • Tough, durable, lightweight and waterproof PVC material that will last for years. The fabric is tough and durable as well and still comfortable

  • Some chairs come along with a seat, which varies in size such as a 14 inch, 16 inch wide or 18 inch wide seats and so on
  • Some bathing chairs also give the option for washing, shaving apart from mere resting
  • A few of them come with handles to which enable the person seated on the chair to grip the chair
  • The seating area id comfortable with hole to facilitate proper drainage of the water after bathing
  • Invacare’s aquatec Fortuna Bath Lift comes with a battery operated bath lift with simple one hand operation. The adjustable back support provides ample space for the pleasure of a relaxing and unrestricted bath
  • Some bathing chairs operate with electricity, which enables the chair to turn and swivel with applying too much pressure
  • The chairs are also equipped in a manner which allows the person to adjust its height

A few tips for bathroom safety

  • Install grab bars in bath and shower
  • Turn water heater thermostat down to 120ºF to prevent scalding
  • Ensure that all electrical outlets, lights etc. are GFCI protected
  • Anti-slip bath mats inside and outside the tub help prevent falls
  • Lift aid bars beside toilet aid independence