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Frameless Shower Screen

A shower screen helps in dividing the showering area from the bathroom and it keeps the bathroom dry. If you are thinking of installing a […]

Tips to Choose Shower Blinds

Shower blinds which are installed near the windows should be resistant to the humid conditions of the bathroom. They should also offer proper privacy. If […]

Why Use a Corner Shower Caddy?

Need help in organizing your bathroom? The first step you can take is to get yourself a corner shower caddy. This can be fixed in […]

What are Bathroom Glass Vessel Sinks?

Glass vessel sinks are elegant, attractive and can give a new look to your bathroom. Most of the modern day glass sinks look like pieces […]

Why Use a Shower Squeezee?

A shower squeezee can help you a lot in keeping your shower clean and neat. Did you ever notice the white film that evaporated water […]

Why Use a Ceramic Soap Dish?

A soap dish helps to keep your soap dry and well within your reach. Among the various soap dishes, a ceramic one is not only […]

Bathroom Ceiling Fan: Keeps the Air Circulating

Most of us associate ceiling fans with bedroom or other rooms. But, did you know that a ceiling fan in bathroom can be helpful? A […]

Cast Iron Bathtub: Tough and Reliable

You might be thinking why buy a cast iron bathtub, which looks primitive? However, nowadays, there are a number of wonderful designs in which these […]

What is a Massage Bathtub?

How wonderful would it be to have a warm water massage right at your home? How relaxing would it be to get the benefit of […]

What are Roll Top Baths?

Roll top baths were popular during the Victorian era and the 18th century. These baths have curved edges at the top, which give them a […]