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Why Use a Folding Shower Seat?

A shower seat is ideal for those who would like to sit comfortably while having a shower. Those with mobility issues would also find a […]

The Benefits of Using Dual Flush Toilets

Ever thought of saving water on a daily basis? Dual flush toilet does an enormous saving of water. It saves up to 67% of water […]

Electric Heated Towel Rails

There is nothing like having a warm shower – its soothing and relaxing. However, after having a warm shower, if you wrap around yourself a […]

PVC Shower Curtains: Are They Safe?

PVC shower curtain are made of plastic poly vinyl chloride. They are waterproof, durable and come in bright colors. However, studies show that PVC shower […]

What is a Curved Shower Bath Screen?

A curved shower bath screen accommodates both the shower enclosure and the bath area. It clever curvy design maximizes the bath space and blends with […]

Why Use a Thermostatic Shower Mixer?

A thermostatic shower mixer can help you to have a warm shower of constant temperature. A shower mixer is the one which mixes water from […]

What is a Steam Shower Door

A steam shower door is specifically made to trap heat and keep the shower enclosure warm. The door extends up to the ceiling to keep […]

Why Use a Teak Shower Bench?

A shower bench in the bathroom can enable you to sit comfortably while taking a shower. It is also suitable for the elderly as it […]

Enliven Your Bathroom With A Tropical Shower Curtain

A tropical shower curtain can warm up and bring a tropical atmosphere into your bathroom. These curtains are bright, colorful and feature designs such as […]

Why Use a Chlorine Shower Filter?

The presence of chlorine in water can result in itchy skin, eye irritation, and hair splitting/dryness. While bathing, the chlorine fumes can get into the […]