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Features of a Downpour Shower Head

Ever felt like getting drenched in a rainfall. With a downpour shower head installed in your bathroom, you can have this experience day in and […]

Square Shower Head: Simple and Elegant

A square shower head is becoming a popular choice for many shower enclosures. For most part, people are bored with the traditional round shower heads. […]

Stainless Steel Shower Caddy

A shower caddy helps in keeping your bathroom organized. You can organize your shampoos, conditioners and other necessities neatly in the caddy. Among the various […]

Why use Round Bathtubs?

If you like long soaks in your tub and are want a unique bathtub design, you can choose round bathtubs. These bathtubs are gaining popularity […]

What is a Dual Shower head?

Want to have a new showering experience? You can choose dual shower heads. These have two showerheads, and can give you the experience of showering […]

What is a Shower Corner Basket?

Ever have difficulty in reaching soaps, shampoos and other items in your shower? If you are facing this problem, its time you get a shower […]

Soap Shower Dish: Helps you to be Organized

Shower is a place where the proper placement of soaps, shampoos and conditioners is important. For this, you can use a soap shower dish. A […]

What is a Frameless Shower Enclosure?

A frameless shower enclosure is made of thick glass doors, which are frameless. Since the doors are thick and strong, they do not require a […]

Vitamin C Shower Head: Be Chlorine Free

Do you know that the chlorine present in the shower water can make your skin dry and itchy? It can also lead to dry, itchy […]

What is a 12 Inch Shower Head?

A 12 inch shower head is a wide shower head which can give the effect of a rainfall. The shower flow is gentle and emulates […]