Hair Shampoo and Conditioners

Hair Shampoo is an essential part of every hair care and beauty routine. Different people have different approaches and tastes while buying shampoo. Some people find a shampoo brand they’re partial to and are lifelong customers. Others enjoy trying out a new shampoo every time they finish a bottle.

It is not easy to tell a good shampoo from a poor one. Cost, fragrance, and lots of foam is what most people look for in shampoo products. Although Lather and foam get most of the attention, they are of little importance!

What makes a shampoo?

  • Foaming occurs when surfactant molecules gather around air instead of oil. The result is millions of tiny bubbles. Obviously, the air bubbles are using the surfactants that should be removing dirt and oil.
  • The truth about shampoos is that lot of foamy lather only means too much shampoo was used.
  • Excess foam equals waste. Sebum and other oils quickly destroy foam. Ideally, the head should have just enough lather to lubricate the scalp and hair. This will help your fingers massage the shampoo more effectively into the hair.
  • We have all seen shampoo advertisements showing happy, beautiful people taking showers with their heads heaped high with mounds of lather. These images have taught the public to associate lather with cleansing ability.
  • Fragrances and foaming qualities are not good ways to evaluate shampoos. Examine the hair’s condition after several uses

The right way to use Conditioners

  • There are several conditioners available in the market, and based on your hair texture you could choose one which keeps it healthy.
  • You could use the following steps while using conditioners for your hair
  • After rinsing shampoo, apply some conditioner in one hand and rub palms together to evenly distribute. Apply conditioner from the middle of the hair shaft down to ends; do not massage conditioner onto scalp unless scalp is dry.
  • Comb through hair to distribute product evenly.
  • Leave conditioner on hair long to help smooth the cuticle-it only takes a few seconds. Rinse thoroughly – It’s important to rinse shampoo and conditioner from your scalp.
  • Stand under the shower and gently lift hair to permit the water to reach the scalp.
  • Hair will be thoroughly rinsed when it feels consistently clean as you run your fingers from scalp to ends. Some people believe a cold water rinse is best.