Herbal Products for Bathing

Since time immemorial, herbal products have been used while bathing owing to the medicinal and unique properties they possess. These properties and products have been tapped and numerous products are available in the market nowadays.

A few important products for bathing are

Body Massage Oil

  • The body massage oil helps you attain peace and relaxation.
  • The oil is used to massage the body, increase bloods circulation and relaxes the body.
  • A soothing, gentle and, potentially sensual way to relieve exhausted and fatigued muscles.

Direction for uses:

  • Once you apply the oil , massage with upward circular strokes until the oil is absorbed. Proceed with the pressure massage with the tips of your fingers.
  • You may use the oil once or twice a day. If used before the bath or shower, let at least 20 -30 min for ingredients to be absorbed

Body Scrub

  • The scrub is used to cleanse the body with gentle scrubbing on the body with hand.
  • They generally contain surfactant, some natural extracts of herbs & walnut shells, which cleanses the skin with soft lather & also nourishes it

Direction for Use

Apply it daily on your body while bathing like soap, take it on your hand and apply all over body with gentle scrubbing wash with water.

Some other key ingredients which go into the making of herbal oils and products are:

Aniseed: To loosen up and liquefy mucous and for the temporary relief of dry or bronchial cough, sinusitis and the symptoms of hay fever and congested head colds

Basil: A whiff of Basil’s awakening, peppery-anise perfume refreshes and helps provide stamina

Black pepper: This wonderfully warming oil with its distinctive, spice of life can be used by way of VAPOURISATION. Use in a MASSAGE OIL BLEND as a muscular warm up before a dancer’s performance or an athlete’s training session

Eucalyptus: Eucalyptus is an outstanding respiratory antiseptic and decongestant; use VAPOURISATION or in a STEAM INHALATION.