Hot Water Shower – “Shower in Winter”

A hot shower during chilly winters is one of the most refreshing and comforting idea that comes to the mind of an individual. The notion of steaming vapors from the hot waters, the warm and melting ambience of the surroundings, and immersing the body the warm waters itself makes one feel like taking a bath!

A shower in winter has its own set of advantages such as

  • Refreshing yourself
  • Relieving yourself from all the mental and physical stress and strain

How to prepare for a shower in winter

  • Make sure that the water is not too hot for the shower. This is the worst thing that could happen as it could burn you in the first place. Excessively hot water has its demerits too
  • Do not spend more than 10 minutes in shower when it is exceedingly cold outside. If you do so, you could run the risk letting your skin becoming cold and dry
  • Hot water also dries the skin by removing the essential oils, thus making it scaly and prone to itching. So, avoid spending too much time in the shower
  • Avoid using soaps, but if you after all have to use one then use a glycerin based soap
  • It is preferable that you use moistures and shower gels during winters.

After Shower Tips

It is advisable that you end your shower with a mug of water to which teaspoon of jojaba oils or almond oil has been added. Since water is easily absorbed into the skin, the oil will penetrate into the skin more efficiently, making it soft and smooth.

  • The skin should be moistened after dabbing it following a bath or by rubbing a wet cloth (sponge bath)
  • After rubbing the moisturizer in bath palms, it should be applied rightly along the direction of the hair follicles
  • It would not only soften your skin but also help replenish the loss of natural oils from your skin