Palette for Showers

A palette for a shower could comprise the colors to create harmonious color palettes, using the principles of color and light therapy, to help you heal and live life at best.

A color palette could be broadly determined based on:

  • Visual aesthetics
  • Non Visual Aesthetics

A few of the accessories which go into the making of a shower are:

Color could depend upon the tile and floor. It could also depend on the walls of your bathroom.

  • A bathroom color needs to be chosen based on the taste of the individual, his or her emotional state and the feel you would like in your bathroom such as feeling relaxed or revitalized, energized, formal and royal, cozy, casual, creative or artistic.
  • While deciding the color, it is best to keep a color wheel to consult choosing colors for your bath. There are some color basics that help you in choosing the right bath color scheme.
  • Warm colors energize and are invigorating.
  • Cool colors have a calming and soothing effect.
  • Analogous colors or colors that are next to each other on the color wheel will make bath space look serene and relaxing.
  • Complementary colors or colors that are across each other will give creative, artistic and jazzy look to your bathroom.
  • Colors such as red and yellow are warm colors and low contrast color combination such as beige and shutter green and mint green and forest green lend a casual look to your bath


Few people prefer light in their bath and shower. This depends upon their preference for contrast and brightness. A few like their showers and bathrooms to be spotless while some like a low soft tone around. Again this is a personalized option and varies from person to person.

Doors & accessories

A shower door depends on the fittings, accessories, the color of the walls and the light which enters your shower. If you have chosen a dark color scheme for your shower then you could perhaps go for a lighter shade for accessories and fittings to obtain a nice contrast!