Relieving Stress with Showers

The idea of a relaxed bath itself relieves many of stress! So, a nice shower after a stressful day a good idea would indeed relieve you of all the tiresome. You could put some music on, get some nice smelling body wash and take a hot shower or a warm bath.

There are several ways by which you could make your shower a comfortable and relaxing one. Several ingredients and products are available in the markets which help you take a relaxing bath. Some of them are:


Depending on how you are feeling on that particular day, choose that scent to get the most of your relaxation time. A few scents which you could use are

  • Citrus scents which are wonderful for energizing
  • Floral scents are wonderful for calming
  • Lavender is wonderful for healing and easing the mind

Apart from these a few other scents are available and it is upto you to choose one which relaxes and appeals to you!

Shower Gels and Cream Washes

Gels and Creams are an excellent way of inhaling scents if you only have a few minutes to spare. Most shower washes come in gels, but the creams are more moisturizing.

Bath Bombs

Bath Bombs are round or shaped solids that are made out of baking soda and citric acid. They soothe the skin, and depending on the ingredients, can soothe your head.

Bath Oils

Oil can really serve as relaxing agents provided you use them in the right manner. Bath Oils are excellent for softening the skin and making the bath smell scrumptious. If you have sensitive skin, it may be a good idea to rinse off in the shower after your bath.

For a relaxing bath you could try the following steps:

  • Based on your mood, you could choose the appropriate product
  • You could light candles or dim the lights
  • Bring in some reading materials that are not intense. A good book or magazine is perfect.
  • Have a drink on hand just in case you get thirsty. Water is always nice as sometimes the bathroom steams up and gets quite hot.
  • Play some music such as some Classical, Soft Rock or Relaxation Tapes, basically, anything that you are in the mood for.
  • Fill the bathtub up with water and add a body soap that maybe makes rich soap bubbles
  • Put your body in the bathtub until you start to sweat a little bit
  • Prepare a towel that has a rough surface and scrubs your body smoothly
  • Once you rub your body enough, you can wash your body with a body shampoo
  • To clean your body of any remnants of dirt, rinse with cool water
  • Now rub body lotion on your skin gently


Don’t put yourself in hot water as that could burn you