Safety Tips for Taking a Shower

The idea behind taking a bath is to clean the infection and dirt off you. But what if you are ignoring the obsoleteness of the equipments in your shower or not keeping it clean enough? Well, you are bound to fall and break your back or head someday. So, keep a track of your allergies and products that suit your skin, and always check the fixtures, lights, electric fittings and the wet floor before you take a bath.


  • Firstly, special equipments for a safe bath are available in numerous drug or medical stores
  • Fix grab bars on the walls around the shower. These help you to safely get in and out of the shower. Grab bars are available in almost all medical or hardware stores.
  • To avoid falling or slipping in the shower, put a rubber mat or nonskid treads. In case you feel weak or tired, place a nonskid chair in the shower.
  • Place a bath mat just beside the shower so that you can step on it first, wipe your feet and get out.
  • Do not put your towel on the floor as stepping on it would cause a fall.
  • Keep a small bell next to your shower to ring when you need help.
  • Don’t lock the door so as to make it easy for someone to come in and help you when required.

Keep these items at a hands distance from you:

  • Bathing towel and washcloths
  • Bathing blanket
  • Soap
  • Powder
  • Lotion
  • Deodorant
  • Chair, tub or bench, if necessary
  • Underwear, slippers or robe

Tips prior to taking a shower:

  • Close the windows and doors to maintain room temperature in the shower
  • Before you take a shower, adjust the temperature of the water by turning the shower on
  • The temperature of the water should be comfortably warm
  • Use your wrist or elbow to check the temperature of the water
  • Be careful while adding more hot water as it could burn your skin

Tips while taking a shower:

  • Take off your clothes and carefully get under the shower
  • If you feel weak, ask somebody to be around while you take a bath
  • Ask the person to wash and rinse your back if you cannot reach it yourself
  • Turn off the shower while you apply soap on your body

Tips after taking a shower:

  • After rinsing your body off the soap, turn off the shower and step out carefully
  • Take the help of the grab bars to get out of the shower
  • Stand aside and wrap yourself with a towel
  • If you are feeling too cold, cover with a blanket
  • Wipe your feet on the mat and step out of the bathroom slowly and carefully

Always ensure to look into these minor details to add more safety and comfort to your lives. A great shower always leaves you feeling positive, refreshed and relaxed. Try making the start of your shower as safe and comfortable as you feel at the end of it.