Steam Shower Units

A bath in a steam shower with the warmth of steam relaxes your body and purifies it in the moisture available. It not only reduces stress but also relieves muscle tension and fatigue in the joints. In the comfort of a steam bath you could relieve yourself of all the tensions of the entire day.

Benefits of Steam Showers

Apart from a relaxed bath, one of the chief advantages of having bath in steam showers is that it promotes health and vitality.

Also, a steam shower can be added wherever you want it in the bathroom or shower. It provides a much more versatile option than many conventional showers.

Parts of a steam shower

Steam showers have become a more common bathroom fixture in recent years due to technical innovations that they has come about which has resulted in lower costs, along with an overall increase in the appearance of luxury spa products in the bathrooms of middle and high income families.

Apart from acting as a normal shower, a steam shower produces water vapor using a humidifying steam generator. These types of showers provide a pleasant bathing experience that is becoming more and more popular in many countries.

Generally, steam showers are found in self-contained enclosures that don’t allow the water vapor into the main part of the bathroom, thereby avoiding damage to drywall, paint, or wallpaper.

Most steam shower rooms are sold as stand alone shower units with between 6 and 30 jets that sit above the head, along the back or behind the lower legs.

Modern steam showers may provide many additional features such as

  • foot massagers
  • ceiling rain showers
  • radios
  • telephones
  • audio input from an MP3 or CD player
  • chromatherapy and aromatherapy

The fact that it provides multiple facilities at one place makes it a popular choice for Gymnasiums and Health spas around the world.