Tips for Planning a Baby Shower

Organizing a baby shower party is the perfect way to say and wish the expectant parents “Congratulations,” or “We’re happy for you,” or “Best wishes.”

Here are some top tips on how to organize this function to cherish memories for ever.

  • Plan the date, time, place, and refreshment menu for the baby shower one month ahead.
  • Make a list of things to do and start early.
  • Do shopping as much as possible ahead of time to avoid last minute rushing. You can make it easier by shopping online.
  • Decide a suitable and convenient location for the party.
  • Be sure to purchase “thank you” notes for guests when you purchase the invitations.
  • Mail invitations at least three weeks before the shower date to give time for the guests to fix their schedule.
  • Plan for the menu carefully according to the taste of the guests, you can either serve a sit-down luncheon, or line up a buffet of light dishes.
  • Order the cake with baby themes like a baby’s bib, or a baby in a swing, or even a pastel-frosted train with a stork conductor and little babies waving from the windows.
  • Ready-made baby shower invitations are readily available in gift shops and craft stores. However, homemade invitations may also be used to provide the host’s personal touch.
  • An exciting idea is to ask the new parent’s families for pictures of the couple when they were babies and use them in decorations.
  • If you are planning a ‘Noah’s Ark party’, you can decorate with a myriad of colors and animal themed decorations. If you have trouble finding Noah’s Ark animal themed supplies, try searching for safari supplies or even supplies featuring puppies or kittens.
  • If you are planning ‘Two peas in a pod’ theme ,since the predominant color of this theme is green, make sure that the mother-to-be doesn’t have an aversion to this color if you are planning this as a surprise party!
  • If you intend on having a theme then channel it in the direction of the expectant parents favorite films, activities, hobbies or hangouts.
  • Another option is to decorate the party site by re-creating the place where the parents had their honeymoon, such as a cruise ship, or Paris-inspired café.
  • You can plan a baby shower theme except Noah’s Ark ,like Baby on the Way,  Care Bears, Cabbage Patch, Baby Einstein, Pretty Pink, or Periwinkle Blue.
  • Choose some interesting Baby Shower Games such as charades, or those which will bring back the guests’ childhood memories, and finally distribute prizes to the winners.
  • Keep one or two detail-minded persons near the mom-to-be to handle wrappings and record the gifts.