Tips to Overcome Shower Fears

It might sound weird but there are people who are scared of stepping into their showers. Fear of the shower is also known as Ablutophobia. Fears of this kind are commonly noticed among children who are trying to connect with things around them in their growth years.

When a sudden gush of water hits your face, it leaves you struggling with less vision and a blocked nose that prevents breathing. It is a repulsive and uncomfortable feeling that takes on after that till you are gripped with the fears of washing and bathing for life.

The effect of shower phobia catches you unawares and leaves you helpless and embarrassed among friends and family. Make a conscious effort to overcome your shower fears by consulting a doctor, if necessary or try some regular tips to manage and control your emotions.

It is actually the mind which needs to connect with all positive things, so it is a way of training one’s mind. You can certainly use the NLP phobia cure which makes you think about the phobia but discourages you to associate with the situation. Experts however suggest some basic tips to follow in order to cope with the fear of showers.

Tips to Overcome Shower Phobia:

  • Use a bath tub you could fit into comfortably or shower with close bar grips
  • Ensure that the temperature of the water in the tub is comfortable enough for you
  • Avoid using very hot water as it could burn your skin
  • If you are never able to decide the right temperature then buy a bath thermometer
  • Select a product that you aren’t allergic to and that which doesn’t harm your skin in anyway
  • To avoid shower fears engage in other activities simultaneously like listening to your favorite music
  • Try avoiding intoxicants before entering your shower whether alcohol or sleeping pills as they may cause accidents

The best way to overcome any kind of fear is to face it. Frequent exposure to water and showers can reduce your fears of treading that path. So, indulge in regular baths and other water-related activities to shed your inhibitions about fear of showers.