Types of Shower Screen

Do you want to install over bath shower in your bathroom? Okay, you can go ahead with your idea. But before installing it you need to think that how you can stop the water from splashing out onto the bathroom floor. The bath shower screens are a great relief in that regard. The bath shower screen comes in different types.

Several Types of Shower Screen

There is a large variety of shower bath screens are available in the market. You can easily pick and choose from them according to your budget and requirement. Here, few kinds of shower screens have been discussed.

Curved shower screen

It consists of a flat piece of safety glass usually with an arched top. The glass is attached to the wall through a hinge. It can be pivoted around but cannot be folded with the wall since the glass is slightly long and is thus obstructed by the bath taps. The only drawback of this screen is that it does not protect a long enough portion of the bath from water splashing.

Bifold Shower Screen

This type of shower screen is also useful in preventing the water from splashing out on to the bathroom floor. It consists of two pieces of glasses and can be folded into one when not in use. However, the disadvantage with this screen is that it is not long enough to cover the whole length of the bath.

Four fold Shower Screen

This screen is a more improvised version of the shower screens. It folds in concertina fashion. However, it has two advantages. Firstly, even after folding it is quite obtrusive, as it cannot be folded against the wall; and secondly, it is very difficult to move if it is fitted too tightly.

Five Fold Shower Screen

This type of shower screen is more advantageous in preventing the water as there is an extra panel attached to it.The outsight screen has an edge over these screens as it is longer and can be folded totally when not in use. However, these shower screens are quite fashionable and can be used in the bathrooms effectively.

Some Other Types of Shower Screen

Apart from these, there are some other types of shower screens for which you can opt for.

Telescopic Shower Screen

It pulls out along the bath and this kind of shower screen is quite expensive.

Enclosed Shower Screen

It can be fit wall to wall and turn your bath into a shower enclosure.

Corner bath shower screen

Some of the five fold shower screens can be used as corner bath shower screen.