When to Take a Shower?

There are different reasons people prefer to take a shower. It may vary from the soaring temperatures outside to a hectic workout in the gym. What ever be the reason, a shower serves as a perfect ‘anodyne’ to such fatigues and weariness.

As mentioned above, most people prefer to take a shower after a hectic round of activity. Some of the primary reasons why people prefer to take a shower could be:

  • Workouts
  • Exercise
  • Coming indoors after working in the outdoors
  • Returning home after office

A few things to be kept in mind
Like an oasis to a thirsty person in a desert, a shower to serves the same purpose to a weary and a fatigues person. But then one should keep a few things in mind before rushing into a shower. Some of them are:

  • If you have come from outdoors, relax for five to ten minutes after coming indoors
  • This helps your body temperatures to come down a bit
  • This also dries your sweat and makes you feel more relaxed

Once you have cooled off your sweat, then you may proceed to have a shower:

  • Turn the water in the bath tub
  • Prepare the necessary toiletries such as towel, soap, shampoo, oil etc to help you have a relaxed bath
  • Check for the water temperature
  • External / outdoor temperatures
  • Your own body temperatures
  • If the outside temperature is too cold, then it is better that you do not take bath in very hot water as it may rid your body of moisture and make your skin go dry

Time for a shower

There is no hard and fast rule for a shower. People take a shower based on their conveniences and schedules. Some take a shower in the morning before beginning their daily chores while some people have at after completing their work.